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They are children, Sansa thought. They are silly little girls, even Elinor. They’ve never seen a battle, they’ve never seen a man die, they know nothing. Their dreams were full of songs and stories, the way hers had been before Joffrey cut her fathers head off. Sansa pitied them. Sansa envied them.

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yrdeadbeatboyfriend asked: You watching Doctor Who? I'm strangely optimistic


Ughh, Moffat’s writing is like watching a man wank off on public transport, getting off on the love he has for himself and others watching him in a narcissistic episode of pure self-lust. 

You can tell he’s been forced to listen to his critics, but he has totally missed the points the critics have all made.
"The women have to TALK to each other? Oh boy, what about, oh I know, they can make fun of men! Women love to do that, and the feminists will love it! Oh, also instead of it being about how the companions are in love with the Doctor and have no personality or backstory for themself, let’s change it to it being the DOCTOR acting like boyfriend. Oh boy, that’s a clever way of deflecting my crtics!”
(Now. at this point, I want you to grab your bottom lip and pull it up and down rapidly making sure it comes back up to a closed mouth position each time, and there you have the sound effect for what Moffat was clearly doing in his office whilst writing it.)
"Oh, what’s the other thing they were moaaaaning about? Oh, about how I am “queerphobic” in my writing. For fuck’s sake, I did Queer as Folk, how can I be that? I made those Lesbian Lizard/Human couple without any introduction or real backstory because Time isn’t linear for the Doctor, oh yes, how clever am I! Haha! (*cue the home made sound effect*) So, I guess I could make it even more obvious that they are lovers by having them remind the audience at every moment possible by having them say they are married! Oh, yes, Moffat, you’ve done it again! Who needs a tender romantic subplot? Not me! I am too clever for that, I’ll just make a gag about how the Lizard objectifies the Human, that way you can visually see the lust, and the dads get to see a bit of top boob, eh, the viewers will love it! But what’s the final nail in the coffin that’ll make them all shut the fuck up about my brilliance? YES! An inter-species lesbian kiss! Shall I fuck make it romantic, I’ll make it one of necessity, everyone has to hold there breath, but the Lizard has more air than the Human, oh ho ho, am I the MAN or what? Who gives a fuck if the other human FEMALE can hold her breath a lot longer, or that talking is showing them breathing any way! There’s a kiss and it’s vital to plot! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Moffat, you absolutely gifted genius! Am I the best, or… fuck it, I am! Oh, ha ha ha!” 
(And once more with your home made sound effect.)

He’s still not even learned how to tell a story yet either, nor learned not to leave gaping plot holes. And you can tell he’s tried to reverse engineer Classic Who with the new Doctor, which isn’t a bad thing, but he does it in such a shoddy way. It’s like he treats the audience like a bunch of babies and he’s standing there rattling his keys going “haha, look at how shiny the keys are, what a funny sound, look how they dance!” and then hides them behind his back asking “oooh, where have the keys gone? Did the keys ever exist? Haha, dumb baby! You don’t even have object permanence, dumbfuck baby! I’m so fucking well clever! Oh, ha ha!” Can we get him the fuck out of the head seat yet? Or do we have to wait until he fucks off on his own accord? I just can’t take any more of his piss poor writing.







Seize the Day was a calendar program made by in 1994 by Buena Vista software. It features graphics that at the time, were revolutionary because of the way they handled color cycling. These images were static bitmaps, but by changing color values, they appear animated. What is also impressive about these images is that they had full day night cycles built in, rendered also through color cycling.
A few years ago, a html5 version was made. A copy was uncovered online and there is a way to use the program through DOSbox. As well, one of the original programmers for the project, Iam Gilman, has thought of the idea of remaking it, open sourced, for modern machines.

thanks for writing a more elaborate explanation. i’ve seen these pictures be spread like wildfire without mention of the technology behind it.

Oh, I remember the html5 version from a while back.

i really appreciate the WHOLE BACKSTORY ON THIS FUKr

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