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Anonymous asked: wait so is a trigger anything you dislike?







A trigger is anything that ilicits a negative response in someone, so in some sense, yeah?

No it fucking isn’t. A trigger is some thing, you know, triggers a psychological response that takes you away from reality, causes severe panic attacks, makes you black out, among other horrible things.

holy shit, straight from the horses mouth.I had my assumptions by you’ve confirmed them

Congrats on watering down something that is an actual problem for people, but of course you don’t actually care about them as you simply want oppression and special snowflake points.

Y’all do not know the definition of the word trigger, holy shit. There are people who can actually be triggered into panic attacks, thanks for making them just another prop, and making it even harder for them to be taken seriously.

Much like everything else on this website

Jesus tapdancing christ. Thanks for taking an upsetting, painful, uncontrollable symptom of my psych disorders and equating it with being mildly uncomfortable. Fuck you OP, people like you are the reason everyone thinks you can just decide to stop having a mental illness, which leads to actual mentally ill people not being able to get the support and care we need.

Fuck you OP.

>Jesus tapdancing christ


Omg I love you for that gif