Voices In The Void

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Light Bearer - Prelapsus

In his final attempt to placate the authority, Lucifer pleaded for understanding, but in this he saw the hopelessness of his cause. The word had been spoken and therefor little more could be done. He realised the grave intentions of his Lord, that he would suffer for his decision. In the face of such adversity, the light bearer entertained a thought; to question the word of the all father. He galvanized his followers, in this his final declaration, that he would stand fast against the tide of those loyal to god.

I seek reformation! I plead leniency!
This kingdom of heaven and his majesty.
These words now tremble in spite of our trust,
these courses are changing and with them our cause.
Join my desecration Mammon Belial!
Our broken accord our chosen denial
Raise aloft our voices, our graven dissent,
I beg you my father retreat and repent!

Supernal veils of heaven swell;
caustic is this craven goal,
what have we forged,
what have we wrought,
to replace this love with his wrath.
My brothers in arms, I forge this creed!
my blasphemy, our eulogy!
We are the sons of fire!
We are the daughters of light!