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Gig audience dynamics vol. 1


The first row of the headline act shall always be the tallest people in the audience, the second row shall be comprised of the gig’s average height, whilst the third row shall be the made from some of the shortest at the show.

It has be theorised that this occurs because those in the first three rows all avoided a fag break to get close to the action, and that the taller you are, the easier it is to push past people to get to the front.

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Herati women’s solo dance known as ghamzagi or qandegi is a Afghan style of dance in which all naz or eshwa that a dancer knows is drawn upon to be presented in a free format. Naz is the Persian equivalent of coyness, it is the use of femininity to it’s utmost and is a very important feature of the female psyche in the East. Movements can describe aspects of daily activities such as facial beautification, combing the hair, sewing, sowing, picking fruit or flowers etc.

Dancer: Mariam Gaibova (Actress and dancer of Tajik origin.)
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